Wireless or Hardwired Systems

10 years ago, the decision between hardwired and wireless security systems wasn’t much of a decision. Wireless systems had poor transmissions and interference problems that caused them to be more headache than help. However, 10 years and many technological improvements later, the decision is more difficult for the home security system purchasers.

Hardwired Security System
Hardwired systems are potentially more reliable, but they have limiting features. For instance, if you aren’t interested in large central monitoring stations, and you prefer a direct call in the event of an alarm, you will need to add an auto dialer program to your hardwired system. Here are some basic advantages of the hardwired security systems:

• More reliable, stronger signals, and almost no chance for interference
• Many homes are pre-wired, allowing for easy installation and activation
• Often times the whole system is less expensive than wireless
• Wired contacts (sensors) are cheaper
• You don’t have to worry about wireless signal strength

Wireless Security System
Wireless systems have come a long ways in the past 5 years. Alarm companies have addressed the problems of signal interference and battery life and are now pushing their wireless services. Wireless security systems are easier for the average home to purchase because the installation is easy; it doesn’t require a complicated installation process. Some argue that wireless security systems are in fact safer than hardwired security systems because it is sometimes easy for burglars to cut the sensor’s wire without tripping an alarm. Either way, features on both wireless and hardwired security systems provide exceptional alarm protection.

• No exposed wires may be safer to deter wire cutting
• Wireless systems can be linked with a monitoring company and allow “dial in” remote home security control
• If your home isn’t pre-wired, wireless systems save costly installation costs (not having to drill holes and run wires throughout your home)
• More flexibility with sensor location, making them harder to tamper with

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