Choosing a Service

Since customer service is so important, don’t be afraid to get references from other companies that have used your same provider. Referrals will help you ensure that you are dealing with a reputable company that puts an emphasis on customer care. Find out what the wait time is to get to a customer service representative (on average).  Find out what their hours are – 24 hrs., 7 days per week is preferable – how much they charge for each incident, the level of knowledge of their representatives, and so on. Also, if you engage in a number of card-absent transactions, find out if your provider offers the option to encrypt credit card information – commonly known as Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol, the defacto means for transmitting data privately and securely over the Internet. This is an important feature for an online credit card processing company.

Moreover, if you are using a company you have never heard of or one that does not have any customer referrals, be cautious. The most important aspect of hiring a business merchant account provider is making sure it is a legitimate business.

Always check a provider’s rating with the Better Business Bureau and taking any complaints made against it seriously. In fact, feel free to question the provider on any disputes you uncover and if you are unsatisfied with the answer, keep shopping around.


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